LabelPack Automation Receives cab Certifications

[fa icon="calendar"] May 5, 2016 6:14:02 AM / by Dave Ferguson

Recently, members of the LabelPack Automation sales team travelled to New Hampshire for a week and returned with their cab service and repair certifications from cab Technology Inc. Cab is a family owned company with 40 years of experience and expertise in the labeling and packaging industry. The company has grown from a garage location in 1975 to a successful, international product marking systems expert and industry leader.

LabelPack is thrilled to be able to offer cab printers and labeling solutions to our clients and future customers.

More about cab Technologies Inc.

Cab Technologies headquarters are located in Karlsruhe, Germany with subsidiaries in several locations worldwide, including Tyngsboro in the United States. Cab’s reach extends to an additional 820 distribution centers around the globe with partners in 80 countries that are trained in the installation of cab devices and equipment and have access to cab support services. Cab’s process and values include the idea that “foresight, positive thinking, [and] richness of ideas” coupled with “curiosity and joy” are what keeps the company moving forward and developing new technologies and solutions.

cab Certifications

The cab Certification process is a rigorous learning process where distributors of cab equipment get detailed training on all cab systems and equipment. The team from LabelPack Automation received instruction and training on each system and equipment developed by cab. We are now qualified to use this training to educate our customers on the benefits of purchasing a solution by cab Technologies, and instruct them on how to use the equipment.

Specifically, our team completed training on:

  • A+
  • EOS
  • Mach4
  • XC Series
  • Hermes

In addition to training on how to use the equipment, the team from LabelPack had the opportunity to take the machines apart and familiarize themselves with how each piece of equipment works. This certifies LabelPack to provide support services to our clients who purchase cab equipment.

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Dave Ferguson

Written by Dave Ferguson

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