Are You Looking for Durable Equipment, Expert Engineering, and Great Customer Service?

LabelPack Automation is a manufacturer of labeling equipment and packaging systems based in Bradford, PA. We specialize in delivering labeling systems and other supply chain technology as well as provide barcoding and printing services. Labelpack Automation wants to provide you with efficient, quality engineered automated systems for labeling, printing, case sealing, case forming, and conveying. 

Our systems are designed as turnkey solutions, integrated into your current production line. Our operator-friendly labeling systems require minimal maintenance, allowing your operation to produce more efficiently, and at a higher-quality, resulting in a greater throughput.

The experts at LabelPack Automation will create an ideal automated labeling system for you and your operation. 

Our Methodology Works...

LabelPack Automation was founded in 2001 by a team of professionals with proven track records and marked success in manufacturing, distribution, labeling, and information technology. Since then, LabelPack has used that combined expertise in providing high-valued, professionally engineered automated systems that fit our clients' unique needs. We specialize in designing and integrating customized systems into any production line whether it be semi-automated or fully automated. 

We believe in gathering information about our clients' current operations and using that information to specify a plan to create the most productive and most industry-appropriate automated system possible. LabelPack Automation will integrate the specified plan into your current operations and ensure that the solution is a successful one. 

You can expect LabelPack Automation to provide you with the greatest customer service experience possible. Let us create a solution that will:

  • improve your production line throughput
  • leverage your investment
  • meet specific, quantifiable business goals of your company

Contact us today at 888-579-1528 and learn how LabelPack Automation can help you.