6 Reasons Why Marketing Collateral Still Matters

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Marketing collateral may seem to be outdated, when so many businesses are focusing most of their efforts on digital marketing. Yet there are some real benefits to using printed collateral like flyers, brochures, and catalogs.

Stay Competitive!

There are a lot of companies out there which spend countless hours and money to stay competitive.  They make the right hiring decision, build five year plans, and come up with ways to gain market share. Sounds like they’re on the path to success, but what are they forgetting? Marketing for themselves.

Sometimes, companies commit so strongly to achieving their business goals that they miss the opportunity to advertise their brand and demonstrate their business model through high-quality, printed marketing materials. They also miss the chance to tell their customers how they can increase their revenue or save them money by telling them how they’ve done it for others. Don’t miss your chance to:

  • Tell your customers how they can increase their revenue or save money.
  • Tell them how you have done this for others.

And give them case studies and white papers to back up what you’re saying.



  1. Brand Image Makes a Real Difference

All companies, mostly smaller ones, need to be worried about their image. Your audience’s perception of your brand is one of the most important aspects of running any size business. Business goodwill is a valuable asset, and it all starts with how your look to your audience and readership. For smaller companies looking to bring differentiation to the table, they need to look as polished and professional as the traditional, older players.  A smaller company’s materials should not have people asking how much experience they have, or if they know what they are doing. If that happens, then you can just about forget about the sale.

Marketing collateral is a great way for the smaller companies to let possible clients know what they stand for and how they are different from competitors. If you have a serious client willing to buy into you, these kinds of materials can be the selling point. And by setting a standard look and feel to your communications, you will set expectations from the start – professional expectations which will give a positive first impression to all.

  1. Collateral is the Backbone

The best collateral brings a buyer and seller together to form a special bond. It shows the competitive difference as well as identifying who is #1 in the industry. The printed word carries a level of credibility. By putting together easy to read, attractive, convincing, and well-researched marketing materials together into brochures, newsletters, and the like, you build a case for not just competency, but superiority. You aren’t just #1 because you say you are; your audience will also see you as #1 because of the high quality information you distribute.

Sometimes, clients think that people do not read marketing materials anymore. They throw them to the side and end up under a stack of 100 papers. But good collateral can stand out against the competitors and influence buying decisions based upon first impressions. Stand out enough that even a quick glance will make your readers want to know more.



  1. Marketing Collateral Provides Solid Resources for Your Sales Team

Sales representatives need materials if they are going to be effective. How many people are going to buy from a person who shows up with nothing but an empty briefcase? Marketing collateral provides sales reps with something they can hand to the potential buyer while explaining your company’s offers.

Marketing Collateral can also provide opportunities for follow-ups, or scheduling appointments for the future. Without printed marketing collateral to hand to your potential customers, they will leave empty-handed and your business will seem forgettable. Ouch.

So be prepared with effective materials that show the importance of your company.

  1. Creates a Buzz Around the Office

Whether you’re re-branding your organization or simply preparing to launch a new website, there’s a definite buzz of excitement around the office. Even new business cards with the new logo can get employees excited and motivated about their job!

Designing and printing new marketing collateral can build energy and help increase yours and your employees pride in your business, too! When employees see that their employer is making an investment in the company itself, it sends a positive message to the workers. Show them again and again that caring and determination start at the top. A sense of caring and determination could be exactly what your employees needed. If your company is struggling with performance and motivation, new marketing materials can help bring back that confident buzz.  

  1. Tell A Better Story

Conducting a sales meeting with no materials can have you thinking on the way home, “Wow, I cannot believe I forgot to say that” or “Should I call them to give them one more pitch?”  Having marketing collateral on hand can help you remember what direction you are going when you enter a meeting.

In addition, too many companies fail to show past performance or the statistical difference they have made for their customers. Most of all, they do not use it to change the perception of their company.  This can enhance the job of telling your company’s story, and it will always help your sales representatives.

Client successes and case studies can be some of the best ways to show a company’s return on investment (ROI). Show your prospects that you have a proven track record, and give them the results and testimonials so they can see for themselves what you can do. Customer testimonials are powerful messages that should be included in your sales materials. They can work particularly well in case studies (if they are in depth) and in brochures (if they are short).


  1. Top Notch Products – Top Notch Materials

If you believe you are selling the “best of the best” products, then why not have the best of the best marketing collateral? Assure your clients that they are about to choose the right people.

The quality of your materials sends a message to the end consumer on the quality of your products. There might not be any differences between you and competitors. The difference will be in the presentation. Gain that edge!

A poor sales quarter can devastate a company. But a good one can turn everything around. Top-notch marketing collateral can make a good sales outcome more likely than a bad one. It matters.

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Written by Pam McClendon

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