Zebra Mobile Printers - ZQ500 Series

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Fast paced environments and frequent on-site jobs require an industrial mobile printer that can take a hit and withstand harsh conditions. Zebra Technologies creates smart technology that keeps you connected on your production line or on the road. Founded in 1969, the company now has the rights to over 4200 asset management technologies, including the Zebra ZQ500 series of mobile printers that make fast-paced, rugged jobs look like a walk in the park.CHECK OUR NEW    ZEBRA ZQ500 SERIES  MOBILE PRINTERS

Why the ZQ500 series mobile printer?

What really makes the Zebra ZQ500 series stand apart from competitors is the rugged design. When working outside of your business location, there’s no telling what kind of environment you could be stepping into. Inclement weather and busy, hazardous locations can really do a number on your equipment, not to mention carrying heavy items from location to location can be a strain. With the ZQ500 series mobile printers, you get a lightweight, durable piece of equipment that allows you to quickly print receipts and more while on the go.

This is also the first Zebra product to “support a secondary Bluetooth communication channel.” This features allows the mobile printer to perform device management while completing a print order. To further optimize efficiency, the ZQ500 series also comes with a “draft mode” the can quickly produce text-only prints at a speed of over 5 inches per minute.

Reliable, intelligent connection with Zebra Link-OS software

When you’re looking for a mobile printing solution, you need the right software to back it up and create a user-friendly interface. The Link-OS software that is offered with the ZQ500 series mobile printers is “an open platform that pairs an operating system for smart Zebra devices with powerful software apps.” With this software on your ZQ500 mobile printer, you have access to tools such as:

  • PrintTouch NFC technology
  • Profile Manager
  • Cloud Connect
  • Virtual Device Support

What more do you need to know?

The Zebra ZQ500 series of mobile printers is one of the best technologies available on today’s market for mobile printing solutions. Its durable design offers a reliable, cost-effective solution to all of your on-the-go needs, and the user-friendly interface provides easy, intuitive use that won’t require hours of training.

For questions about the Zebra ZQ500 series or to purchase this mobile-printer of the future today, contact LabelPack Automation. LPA is a long-standing Zebra Advanced Partner, meaning we can offer you the full range of Zebra products. Also, as a Zebra Authorized Service Provider, we are able to perform on-site and depot repair and maintenance services according to Zebra’s strict quality and service requirements.



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Laurie Luther

Written by Laurie Luther

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