Print, Apply & Verify Labeling Solution

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LabelPack Automation developed an automated labeling system that was able to print labels, apply labels on the top and bottom, and verify the products all at once. This customized system was capable of a throughout of 45 packages per minute. The Allen-Bradley Series 1200 PLC was the centerpiece to the design and allowed the solution to be easily integrated into the customer’s existing production line.

Speeding Up Your Label Automation Process

At the beginning of the production line, boxes were placed on the conveyor system and moved to be labeled. Pre-printed labels were stored on a smart G3 operator interface panel that was networked through an Ethernet connection with the PLC, the printer, and the label-verification system. The labels were printed by a Zebra PAX 110R integrated printer and then moved to an applicator pad. As the package moved along the conveyor, a photoelectric sensor sent a signal to the tamping device that triggered the machine to lower and apply the label to the box.

Verifying the barcode was made much simpler with another implementation of the photoelectric sensor that sent a trigger warning that a box was moving down the conveyor. A P4 Omni PresencePLUS sensor was instructed to read and verify the label on the package. The information contained in the barcode was displayed on the G3 operator interface to be verified and approved for quality control.

Custom Automation Integrated into Your Production Line

LabelPack Automation continues to be an expert in the designing and integration of industrial automation solutions since 2001. LabelPack helps their clients come to the best automation decisions on everything from print & apply label applicators, to barcode scanners, to custom conveyor systems. Their customized, automation systems are guaranteed to increase your throughput and decrease your cost of production.

LabelPack also specializes in printing custom labels and tags for any product on the market. From 28 panel folds on pharmaceutical products, to labels that can withstand harsh conditions for 10 years and more – LabelPack can satisfy your needs. Their customized promotional products will allow you to gift your customers and employees with beautiful, high-quality printed products like flash drives, t-shirts, and coffee mugs. Contact LabelPack Automation today for all of your automation integration and custom printing needs!

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Dave Ferguson

Written by Dave Ferguson

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